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Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking-water-1MENA-Water drinking water treatment plant is a cost effective package plant that meets WHO and other international treated water standards. It is easy to operate, it has low energy consumption and can be delivered in short notice.

The treatment system is a containerized plant that combines all the necessary components for coagulation, flocculation, clarification, filtration and disinfection.

Its versatile design makes it ideal for potable water and industrial process water treatment.


The raw water is fed through a serpentine pipe. Coagulating chemicals are injected in the pipe to be Drinking-water-2mixed with the raw water. Coagulants promote collisions between the small suspended particulates, called colloids, enabling them to form large flocs that settle easily in the clarifier leaving behind clear water with very low turbidity.


The coagulated water enters the flocculation tank. A coagulant aid or polymer can be added to strengthen the floc bonding. Slow stirring motion in the flocculation chamber forms collision between the forming precipitates and the remaining contaminant particles to form larger flocs.


The coagulated and flocculated water is evenly distributed at the bottom of the LAMELLA SETTLER using well designed distribution laterals. The large surface area of the tube settler causes the flocs to settle by gravity to the bottom thickening zone.

The sludge is periodically withdrawn through an automatic valve. Clarified water is collected from the clarifier surface through perforated tubes.


Drinking-water-4Clarified water enters the high rate gravity filter for removal of the remaining finer solid particles. Based on the application, the filter media can be dual media or multi-media. The water passes through the layers of the media and passes an underdrain system. The filter is backwashed intermittently depending on the influent turbidity of the raw water.


Disinfection can be with liquid or gas chlorine. Ultra violet disinfection can also be used.


  • Pre-engineered complete system in ISO shipping containerDrinking-water-5
  • Small foot print
  • Simple operation and low maintenance requirements
  • Low energy consumption
  • Working on gravity sand filter and lamella settler principle
  • Higher throughputs possible through modular arrangement of units
  • European quality components
  • Fast delivery and start-up due to the mobile concept
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Highly stable process that produces quality water even during peaksDrinking-water-6
  • Effectively removes turbidity, suspended solids, color, odor and TOC
  • Produces highly pure water that meets WHO Drinking Water standards


  • Potable water for cities and villages
  • Process water treatment


  • Pre-settling unit for highly turbid water
  • Pontoon to carry the feeding pumps
  • Power generator
  • Storage tanks as ground or elevated tower
  • Portable small Laboratory for water quality testing
  • Containerized operator rooms
  • Skid mounted pumps alternatives as self-priming


MENA-Water containerized potable water treatment plants are available in different sizes.

MESQ 20 MESQ 40 MESQ 60 MESQ 100
Capacity (m3/day) 500 1,000 1,500 2,500

* Higher capacities can be achieved by adding more modules.