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Reverse Osmosis Systems

MENA-Water – Plug & Play Reverse Osmosis

We provide containerized or skid mounted plants. Reverse Osmosis Systems are capable of removing dissolved salts and other impurities such as bacteria, sugars, proteins, dyes and constituents with large molecular weight.

Our plants are designed, engineered, pre-assembled, factory tested with highest quality standards to provide easy and quick shipping, installation in small foot print area and for limited site installation work to save your money and time.

The high quality material and components from leading manufacturers are selected in order to provide quality products or long live time of plant and smooth operation.

Our system is suitable to purify and treat seawater, high brackish, brackish, and even industrial or municipal water when treated with the Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) prior to the Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Standard Features:reverse-osmosis-b

  • Filtration and chemical pre-treatment
  • 8” & 4″ TFC energy-saving membranes
  • Membrane FRP pressure vessels
  • Corrosion resistant high pressure pumps
  • PLC electrical control panel for auto control from HMI
  • Panel mounted flow meters, TDS, pH, ORP meter/controller
  • Low and high pressure switches
  • Post chlorination and pH adjustment Automatic feed shut-off valves
  • Pump throttling & concentrate valvesreverse-osmosis-d
  • SS316 liquid filled pressure gauges
  • Corrosion resistant high pressure piping
  • Corrosion resistant steel frame
  • Auto-flush system
  • Blending: feed/product
  • Sample valves Corrosion resistant steel frame
  • Auto-flush system
  • Blending: feed/product
  • Sample valves

Optional Featuresreverse-osmosis-c

  • Double pass plants for lower permeate TDS
  • Higher recovery plants
  • TDS monitoring/controller on feed line
  • Clean-in place (CIP)
  • Additional pre-treatment
  • Supply with 60Hz possible
  • Ozonation system / UV sterilizers
  • Post de ionizer (DI) polisher

Operation Specificationsreverse-osmosis-e

  •  Feed turbidity <1 NTU
  • Feed SDI : 3-5
  • Feed water oxidant content
  • Iron tolerance < 0.05 ppm
  • Bacteria Free
  • Operate at higher TDS by lowering recovery
  • Nominal salt rejection up to 99.8 %
  • Max. feed water temperature: 42°C
  • Hardness over 1 grains per gallon requires water softener or antiscalant


  • Drinking Water
  • Food Industries
  • Industrial Effluent Recycling
  • Medical (Kidney Dialysis)

Industrial Water Recycling

RO in combination with MBR is the ideal solution for water recycling in many industries.

If waste water is treated with membrane bioreactor (MBR), then it is suitable (SDI <3) to be followed by Reverse Osmosis system (RO) for valuable resource of high quality recycled water to reduce fresh water and disposals costs.